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Hello... I am thinking aft is O/B drive with shower to one side and head to other - all other are 8 footers open for 'discussion'... Like a CN train - from galley is dinnette - from same is salon - furthest forward is helm and drive... What thoughts... SH.

Sean Herron, Aug 21, 2009
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      I still like it, maybe to much glass.
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      Nice idea! Didn't exp... oh, shut up, Baker! ;-)
      Maybe each pod could have its own window layout ("fenestration", for you picky folks) so folks could tell at a glance what you have.
      Is it going ot be easy to change pods out? You could have a whole raft of pods, but only use the ones you need that trip.
      Could even make renting custom houseboats a simple thing. Don't need the Sin Bin? Uncouple it and put in a Family Room Pod instead. ;-)
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      hooking more pods, even in sheltered waters, links get more important i think? loosly thinking of lateral pods on a cat..
    • Sean Herron
      I am no engineer by graduate standards - but the same holds true for many who have - as far as I am concerned - their paper just gives them a discount on the insurance that allows them not to have to fix their F'ck ups...
      That is just not nice - but it has been said - so take a time out and eat the cookie...
      Same said - there are a hell of a lot of very good and respectable and accountable engineers out there - a hell of a lot...
      It would be a piece of engineering - this bit - but they do make aeroplanes with folding wings to fit into aircraft carriers - and they seem to fly to...
      So there is - as the frogs may say...
      As for Dulluth - yep - way to much glass - no structure to support same...
      As for SD - I have no real dimensions for a 70's - Hollywood - red satin - heart shaped bed - with vibration...
      Now that would be sweet on the option sheet - double pun...:)
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