IrwinIrwin 23 with Star Class Mainsail and E-Scow Jib
Milton Thrasher

Milton Thrasher: IrwinIrwin 23 with Star Class Mainsail and E-Scow Jib

The Irwin 23 was offered with a tall rig 4' higher than standard. I fitted my boat with a Sliding Gunter that allows me to hoist the Star Class mainsail 5' higher than the standard rig. Running backstays were added so that the full Star Class boom could be used. This rig has proven to make the boat significantly faster with 33% more sail area. An E-Scow jib has been used so that it can be rigged for self-tacking so that this rig can be sailed single handed. The 1500 lb lead ballast allows the Star rig to be sailed effectively in winds as high as 12 knots. When the planned wing keel is fitted with more ballast, trials in higher winds will be made.

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Milton Thrasher, May 3, 2004
    • MarkC
      Great project! I have read about such projects in Australia with older boats such as Diamonds - with some mods - transformed into race winners.
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    May 3, 2004
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