initial idea for twin mast cat

pitbull: initial idea for twin mast cat

I'm hoping to design and build a catamaran for my family of four to cruise in warm waters for a year out in about 5 years' time. I would like to find more books on the subject to read - any suggestions ? This is the result of my initial wrestling with Pilot3d. I like the idea of splitting up the sail plan. Keeping windage low with an open bridge design, keeping the under-wing clearance high. I worry that the stern rises too fast out of the water, and that the masts and leeboards will be difficult to stay and that the twin masts will not allow her to work upwind - but there's plenty of time to adapt the dream yet. I have not done any detailed calc beyond satisfying myself that the cross-beams could be made strong and rigid enough to prevent too much flex or breakage. I woudl probably build out of strip plank/epoxy/glass with small amounts of carbon to improve the stiffness of the rectangular crossbeams. I hope to launch with Aluminum masts and add rotating wood-epoxy covers later, to give a rotating mast effect while retaining a path to the water for lighning. I'd really welcome comments. I know, I have plenty to learn about drawing !

pitbull, Nov 7, 2008