Home designed/built electric tri
Dennis Hubbard

Dennis Hubbard: Home designed/built electric tri

This is a boat that I built after years of sailing tris. When I moved to Ca from Hi I wanted a boat to fish from in all the reservoirs here in the Sierras. I made a little model and went from there. It's 15' long and 11' wide unfolded. 6' wide with the amas retracted. Powered by a 48vdc minn kota 2hp electric motor in a motor well. I think I built it a bit too heavy coming in at 1000lbs but I had no experience building boats and my error was to make the main hull 3/8" instead of 1/4"....anyway it works great and is a very stable and fun boat for trolling and just messing about. I also built in a 18" plexiglass window in the bottom which is great to watch the bottom in clear high alpine lakes.

Dennis Hubbard, Feb 26, 2018
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