Hinged Bruce foiler heeling
Robert Biegler

Robert Biegler: Hinged Bruce foiler heeling

I sketched a hull with a 1 m * 1 m cross section, such as a microcruiser might have. Then I drew the resulting force from the foil for five cases: 1) Foil to lee, boat level, resultant foil force perpendicular to foil span (blue). 2) Foil to weather, boat level, resultant foil force has to go through the hinge. The foil would be pulled into the water until the curved section angles the resultant force accordingly, but I have not adjusted the drawing to show the foil deeper in the water. 3-5) Foil to weather, boat heeling 17 (orange), 32 (red), or 50 degrees (grey). Given the geometry shown, the foil would produce most righting moment at 32 degrees heel. The corresponding label in the image is not quite accurate: the best righting moment comes from having the greatest lever arm, not the steepest angle.

Robert Biegler, Dec 9, 2022