Hector (again)

SailDesign: Hector (again)

Yeah - another paint scheme, same boat. Can't seem to get this one out of my head.

SailDesign, Oct 9, 2012
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      Ya well the coaming needs a hair more meat to it right at the mid cleat.......and the pins in the quarter bitts run fore and aft (those are quarter bitts, right?).......and what's with the red duster?

      But it's nice anyway......:)......very nice....
    • SailDesign
      Heh! Thanks... :smile:
      I tried the coamings a hair taller, and it didn't look right. But I agree.
      Both bitts are centreline, and to be honest I didn't really fuss with which way the pins went - but again, you're probably right.
      The red duster is because this was a memory from my early years (lived in England from age 5 to 30) and it is a more English derivation than US. Somehow it fit better. You should see the one with the Finnish flag....
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