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Please feel free to contact about becoming a Foil Cat owner or international distributor, 25ft, 8M Aluminium FoilCat MkII Prototype in development, Due for official release in 2007 Copyrighted designs and PATENTED by Navel Architect Rewi Kemp * A well known Navel Architect *Over 40 boats under his belt, *Design and construction. These Foil cats have a specially designed HYDROFOIL between the hulls which gives a lot of superior features over conventional water craft. Here is 10 amazing reasons why you should consider a foil cat, 1/ Uses 1/2 the fuel 2/ Rides 3 x softer 3/ Plains at lower speeds 4/Less horse power to get on the plain, with twin 40 -60 hp they can reach speeds in excess of 25-35 mph 5/Banks into corners like a mono hull 6/ No spray as we have a water roll over system which uses the waters power for sustained lift and a dry ride., 7/No trailer needed because our Patented superior Traxles trailing system the wheels simply clip on/off , for easy stow, These Attachable trailing systems allow 8/Easy surf beach launchings, 9/ Massive tow weight savings these boats max 1500 kg at 25ft long that's including the trailer parts and twin inbuilt engines, 10/ Can be towed by a medium sized vehicle,

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foilcats, Apr 1, 2007