Filleted and glassed

LP: Filleted and glassed

I've been cutting the glass sheathing wide enough to wrap up the sides of the frames elimitating the need for a separate tape operation. I fillet and glass each bay in a single operation. Saves sanding the filletswhen they're cured and let the glass lay in a little neater. Save a touch of epoxy. too.

LP, Oct 22, 2005
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      Sean Herron

      Just looked out the window - clear and full moon - my unibrow is twitching...

      Got to go out and smack someone smarter than me and call him a fag...

      No wait...

      Just wanted to say I envy you being able to build something so grand - I build megaplastic for a living but still have no place to build anything of my own...

      Great job...

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    Oct 22, 2005
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