Fast Rescue Boat
John Date

John Date: Fast Rescue Boat

Initial concept for a SOLAS approved rescue boat. A couple of modifications have been made and it will be a different colour! The boat is currently in production.

John Date, Jan 22, 2004
    • danielro
      She seems bigger than the fast rescue boats that i've seen normally in passenger ships or ferries in my area, have you designed the davit too?
      ...I'm thinking in a quick launch... and in the recovery.
    • John Date
      Thanks for your comment danielro.

      No, we have not designed the davit. She is not designed purely as a passenger vessel fast rescue boat, this boat is intended to take on a patrol / inspection / coastguard type of role as well.

      Thanks for the rating by the way...!
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      Hi John, nice looking boat. Seems like an incredibly compact engine room. I assume you're using some type of jets, how do you pack the jet inlet, engines, tranny and jackshaft into that ER? Are there any renderings of that arrangement?
    • Erik Asnyg
      Hello John,

      Very nice looking RIB! Im buliding RIBs here in Denmark, and Im currently looking for new designs, for a new range of fast sports RIBs, maybe You would be interested in making some designs for me? Please contact me on E-mail:
    • kach22i
      This is a very nice rendering - can you hear my applause?

      The guys who use rescue hovercraft have explained to me that a low edge or near flush with the water area is useful in allowing the rescuer to pull people out of the water.

      In light of this perhaps more side grab pulls or a larger rear landing area could make your consideration.

      Nice work, what rendering programs are you using?
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      Really nice ...
    • Rating:
      Superb renderings. Are you using ALias Studio Tools???
    • John Date
      Thanks for your comments everyone. I have not been to this site for ages and it is nice to see that people are still looking at my picture!

      In answer to the questions above - the design and rendering were done in SolidWorks, more for a sales presentation than anything else. and to clarify the arrangement - the engine and gearbox sit under the main console, with the drive shaft under a raised deck at the pilot's feet, only the jet unit is in the smaller box at the back.
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      about the picture of FRB
      -it looks to have a good breadth for stabilizing when 2 people are on side to recover someone from the sea
      -loa is look good
      -the copkit is a litle bit high for when you are proceeding to recover someone so the skiper should have to stand
      -there are only two safety positions for crew but for these operations you need at list 3 (one steering and two to the side)soit has to be made at least three seats
      there is no lifebouy positions (2 needed)
      -the place in front of wheel stucture looks good for working
      -outboard engine are better (i believe ) for such operations because
      1 you save space
      2 you can quickly change them when in need leting engineers work on them while boat is still operating(not so easy offcourse)
      3 you can have the engines up out of water for many many resons (not time to analyse that)
      - it might be ,but, i dont see enough storage space for sar equipment
      - no radar installed
      - no towingposition installed
      - the gun base should not been so dangerous positioned for the crew (specialyy the edge should be protected for the case of hard bodily motion of the boat
      well i believe thats enough before i get to borring
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