e1 - electric hull study

DLK: e1 - electric hull study

hull study for runabout with electric propulsion, maybe jet drive. highlighted areas meant to hold approximately 11 square meters of solar cell. not finalized.

DLK, Jun 24, 2010
    • daiquiri
      Hi, nice futuristic shape but the forward hulls apparently have no buoyancy. Too thin, no volume. Maybe it's just a matter of viewing angle.
    • DLK
      This was the stage, where the model could be transformed into solid body, since I have build this from surfaces. So this was the first time I could make cuts, to determine volumes.
      After that came "tuning" of the model, but even here, distribution of volume under water line is 50-50%, between forward hulls and main hull.

      When I started it, was meant to be a runabout with electric propulsion, so my purpose was to carry relatively great surface for solar panels, beside a minimal frontal surface in water, as well as smallest wetted area.
      This is why I made these wavepiercing planing hulls to the front, wich also carry some "features" to prevent water touching the whole side area of forward hull when it is effectively piercing wave.
      It was meant to be a light boat -around 900-1000 Kg with batteries- for relatively low speed -around 20-25 knotts- for the experience of a really smooth ride.

      Later it evolved into the study of something a bit different, you can see that in my gallery. That version has more volume everywhere, it gained some length and width also. That is not necessary equipped with electric propulsion, thanks to subsequently rising weight. Speed range is also meant to be risen. That gives some design challenge, and I considered not to develop solution fully for those -nor to publish these solutions ;) - since this is just a study, and it took quite some time even bringing it to this level.
      But if there is order, I have several solution for occurring problems.

      Thanks for your comment. I meant to discuss this in the electric hull section -that is why I uploaded this picture- I just did not have the time yet.
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