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Dolfiman, Aug 25, 2017
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      Lovely shape - nice work!
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      I agree, nice shape and a great looking boat.
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      Dolfiman, It is generous of you to share these two boats. My background is mostly in joinery and repair, large and small - up to 65-70', sail and power. I have some design experience and did the Westlawn course many moons ago. This past year I have been spending a fair amount of time with Rhino and started posting some of the work. The sailboat I posted was drawn in the '90's and I decided to finish it a little further. It is an on-going labor. I am not sure I have all the numbers for it. I will have to do some digging.
      I am particularly impressed with the hull iterations for your design along with the techincals. The large cockpit is grand, offering space to move about and configure in different ways, invaluable. Too often, designs seem to incorporate too much "stuff", I believe to fuel showroom sales. The classic aesthetic is appealing and I am a fan. I like the new designs but they do not have the same soul the classic boats do. You have incorporated a pleasant blend. Do you have plans to have for either of these boats to be built or put into production? It is a good market these days. I am sure I will be looking at your boats in the future. Great design(s). Thank you again for sharing.
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      Thanks for your kind comments, I share with you the preference for classic lines yachts although I am also interested, as engineer, by the design of the modern racers and the foilers. I have sent my projects brochures to various french yards mostly oriented on modern classic sailing yachts, but no answer up to now. I do that as a hobby within my retirement, it is a friend of mine who did with Multisurf the 3D renderings of the brochures. I have also developed spreadsheet applications for hull generation, useful for early stage projects, here is the thread with the applications and user guides attached. Among the ouputs, there is all the geometrical data of the hull that can be used to continue the project with a 3D modeller.
      Gene-Hull upgrade 2,3
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