Discoverer 2002
Luca La Porta

Luca La Porta: Discoverer 2002

It's a futurist boat for scientific research...

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Luca La Porta, Mar 24, 2003
    • duluthboats
      Do you know, yipster?

      :D :D
    • Luca La Porta
      I don't know yipster.
    • ywainap
      I like the rainbow.

      Pardon my lack of knowledge, but what is it, and how does it work? Is it a hydrofoil supported boat, with additional lift from a wing?
    • Willallison
      ...and how do you tie it up to a jetty or dock ?
    • ywainap
      What do you mean "tie it up"!

      Can't you see that it would just hover and land on the quayside?
    • Rating:
      Is there any technical specification of this boat.
      What is name of this boat ? "Bumpy" or ..
    • kingdom
      nice CAD, its a interesting concept, I gather that all the scientific data is gathered in the rear wing. It looks a little off balance perhaps extending the rear or sharp pontoons up the front for more stability. keep at it!!
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