D2 "A" Rig
Doug Lord

Doug Lord: D2 "A" Rig

This is the actual pattern I made for the sailmaker and which I couldn't resist putting on the boat just to see how it looks. It's 1900 sq.in(13.2 sq.ft.) and good up to about a 10mph wind(8.7knots) as long as the boat is equipped with a Trapeze Power Ballast System and is foiling. The rotating "gaff" at the head of the sail also includes an upper outhaul that is a great aid in setting up this sail properly. The #1 purpose of this rig is to get the boat foiling in a 5mph(4.35 knot) breeze. Sails should be done in January......

Posted by: Doug Lord - website: https://www.sailwolffoiler.com/wolf/

Doug Lord, Dec 9, 2016