Concept model of the 14.8' WOLF Foiling Trimaran
Doug Lord

Doug Lord: Concept model of the 14.8' WOLF Foiling Trimaran

View shows sliding seats that allow the single crew to move outboard 1.75', hydroturf on cockpit sole, mast step and endplate. Rotating mast is stepped. On the full size boat almost everything will be carbon. This boat is designed to be easy to sail and extremely comfortable for one mainly ,or two for a daysail. She will takeoff in a 5-6mph wind.

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Doug Lord, Jul 31, 2018
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      Enter Miles
      I like it a lot. And I am curious...: Did the model sail? Do you have videos?
      How would it have behaved, with the little buoyancy in the aft section of the ama?
    • Doug Lord
      There are many pictures of the Fire Arrow on foils(WOLF is the daughter of fire arrow) in the thread in "Multihulls" and also there are 5 large trimarans that have adopted the same exact basic foiling system. (Maserati, Gitana 17, Macif jr(24'Diam Test Model), Macif(100), Banque Populaire)- though nobody has adopted the Two Stage Ama and that is fine with me......
      The buoyancy aft of the ama hull has been moved vertically into the "curved piece" which makes it extremely hard for the boat to capsize or be knocked down in addition to allowing high dihedral of the crossarms.
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