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Sometimes it's most fun to see a design underway. Looking for some comments or ideas? Please post drawings, sketches, models, and projects in progress here for others to look at and comment on.


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  1. SailDesign
  2. SailDesign
    @Alik , Thanks!! It's a fun one to work on. :)
  3. Alik
  4. Rabah
    I like this design!
  5. Dolfiman
    Great rendering, well balanced classic lines.
  6. Rurudyne
    I like this color scheme.
  7. Dolfiman
    Beautiful classic lines and impressive building, great job !
  8. brian eiland
    Interesting. I never saw this, and it was never brought up in the mast-aft discussion that I recall.
  9. Doug Lord
    Cool! Was it ever built?
  10. Doug Lord
    Thanks for that picture...

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