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12 Jan 2005


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  1. Dolfiman
    Thanks for your kind comments, I share with you the preference for classic lines yachts although I am also interested, as engineer, by the design of the modern racers and the foilers. I have sent...
  2. diagram
    Dolfiman, It is generous of you to share these two boats. My background is mostly in joinery and repair, large and small - up to 65-70', sail and power. I have some design experience and did the...
  3. Dolfiman
    Many thanks Diagram. If you are interested by the project, here is its presentation with the brochure attached : Dolfi 10 m (32,4') : a modern daysailer to enjoy classic sailing...
  4. diagram
    I agree, nice shape and a great looking boat.
  5. diagram
    Thank you.
  6. Dolfiman
    Beautiful rendering
  7. diagram
    What software are you using?
  8. diagram
    Rendering Copyrighted August 2018
  9. diagram
    Rendering Copyrighted August 2018
  10. diagram
    Rendering Copyrighted August 2018

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