Catamaran 21' - comments much appreciated !

Maciej: Catamaran 21' - comments much appreciated !

21 feet, hull made already, comments from customer's view appreciated. Personally I like model with superstructure - quite a lot living area as for 6,5m boat.

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Maciej, Feb 24, 2005
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      Nice rendering quality. What are the side rails for? I prefer rounded shapes, but your design looks practical.
    • Maciej
      Thanks for comments. Side rails ..hmmm. I have hull ready and looking for the best solution of deck arrangement. I think it will have more oval edges, just because of easier lamination.
      Sides are for steping but maybe you have better view from point of person not involved in too many verisions I have already made :)
    • Maciej
      Middle photo boat has two person sleeping cabin behind aft seats so you can hide in case of not foreseen rain.
    • Andaman Boats
      nice design, look pratical to be build in ply also. Did You considered this option?
    • Maciej
      Thanks, Yes we consider also but first we need to settle layout of deck arrangement most attractive and practical.
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      I really like your hull design and proposed deck layout. I too can see it being built in ply/glass. I can also see easy expansion possibilities with your design. If you think about it, and change your cabin layout plan with a shorter cabin and move it forward it might make a good work boat.
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    Feb 24, 2005
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