Cat Schooner
Doug Lord

Doug Lord: Cat Schooner

A "paint" sketch I did back in April 2012 that has grown on me. Inspired by Gary Baigents Cox's Bay Skimmer, it has a lot of potential for a small "sit-in" mono or multihull. The mono schooner version with the rigs sealed against the decks is my personal favorite version. It would also use a version of DSS for increased RM at very low cost in terms of room and weight.

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Doug Lord, Oct 25, 2012
    • daiquiri
      It's handling could be a bit demanding for a single sailor. But that's just IMO.
      What advantages do you think it would it have, compared to a sloop-rigged cat?
    • Doug Lord
      There are "sit-in" dinghies with main, jib and spinnaker-so I don't think sail handling would be a problem. If I were to do it I'd use a variation on the Swift Solo sheeting system where there is one sheet with a "relativity" control to adjust the relationship between the two sails. One thing I hadn't realized until recently is you could bring both sails right down to the deck making an effective endplate. I haven't fooled with the design so I'm eduguessing here but it might be possible to have significantly more SA because the Center of Effort will be much lower. That might make up for some of the aerodynamic disadvantages of the two sails.
      But the most important advantage is that I like the way it looks-a lot!
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