Black Douglas

cneville: Black Douglas

The original Black Douglas 94 was built in Florida for a Florida client. She was constructed of steel with the exception of the stacks and catwalk structure. The single chine displacement hull had shallow tunnels for her twin engines to minimize draft. The shafts were supported by v-brace struts, which also provided protection and support for the rudders. Black Douglas also had a large bow thruster and fin stabilizers. The boat shown in these illustrations is the same except the deckhouse is longer. The original Black Douglas carried a 21-foot aluminum fishing boat on the aft deck and a large reel winch boom to retrieve it. The boat shown has a more substantial deckhouse. She carries a RIB on the upper deck with a conventional deck crane. This boat will also be built with an aluminum deckhouse to help control weight and draft, stability and to facilitate fabrication. Other layout choices are open to the owner of subsequent boats in this series. LOA 94 - 04 LWL 87 - 06 BEAM 23 - 00 DRAFT 6 - 06 Design: Charles Neville Associates

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cneville, Aug 25, 2009