Biz Jet for 8 PAX

dougfrolich: Biz Jet for 8 PAX

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dougfrolich, Jul 10, 2014
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      Fun - but any country that flies over is going to wonder who is about to bomb them... :)
    • dougfrolich
      65,000 ft and 2.0 Mach; been there done that, before anybody noticed.
      Who what...??
    • daiquiri
      A very sexy mix of an F16 and a Su-32.
      But an illogical configuration choice for a business jet, if I may say... :)
    • dougfrolich
      I just thought it would be cool to sit 8 people under a canopy, fighter jet style. Imagine flying thru the night sky at twice the speed of sound with the curvature of the earth clearly noticeable 12 miles below.
      Illogical, illpractical, but cool!
    • daiquiri
      Then, perhaps, you should look into this concept too:
    • dougfrolich
      This is the sort of experience I was going for....Watch the entire clip
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