Bertone 40

AdrienJousset: Bertone 40

The concept is a 40 footer canting keel water ballasted sailing boat for day sailing and short cruises. It has been designed with in mind, providing maximum speed using the latest technology in yacht design (water ballast, canting keel, spray rails, top square main...). This makes it a really cool fast yacht with a touch of the latest racing boats. The cockpit has been drawn imagining two young sporty people, driving the boat and enjoying their moment making her sailing as fast as possible. Short crew handling is possible thanks to an easy access to ropes, winches etc... The assymetric spinnaker is attached to a fixed bowsprit allowing easy jibing. The foresail is using a self taking rail making tacking as simple as possible. The canting keel is a winglet type one. The resultant of the winglet foil and the keel providing side force could also play a longitudinal stability role providing better confort. In fact forward the cockpit, just aft the coach roof, two nicely shaped benches take place. Their egonomy provide really good comfort for people who enjoy sailing in a realaxing mode. A litle bar is also accessible under the step aft the coach roof. The safety of those people is insured by two curved hand rail. The internal space is modernly designed. It has been arranged to maximize the living space. Two semi cabin take place under the cockpit benches. Aft the keel step mast a nice transparent box let the canting mechanism to be visible. The whole interior has been thought to be exciting by balancing the lightness of the materials and the futuristic pliancy of the shapes. The Bertone Concept is also environemental friendly having bamboo flooring, bamboo decking for the benches, balso core and a hybrid engine manufactured by Panda. Adrien Jousset Ask Yacht Design is a UK based group of individuals specialized in the different field of the yacht design industry. Adrien Jousset is in charge of the design departement providing concept designing - 3d modeling and rendering services for both companies and private clients.

AdrienJousset, Mar 31, 2009