Aussie 6.7 mt Sportfisher centre console

gary1: Aussie 6.7 mt Sportfisher centre console

The centre console ready to be strapped with 2 layers of Biaxial tape and then totally covered with several layers of Biaxial fabric and Epoxy

gary1, Nov 16, 2008
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      Gary1, I would put a "toe kick" in that.
      From this view: cut out about 4" from the bottom and about 4" back. (like on your kitchen cabinets at home.)
    • gary1
      G/Day Ratrace2,
      Mate I thought about doing that but after standing right up against the front of it, I still have plenty of clearence between my feet and the console. To get my toes up against it i have to lean slightly backwards and become off balanced. It's still something I could do later on anyway
    • ratrace2
      OK, I was just thinking that she is going to buck like a horse when you go full throttle, her bow up attitude is going to have you looking for something to grab.
      I would have the wheel far enough forward so that I could put my belt buckle against the back part of the console.....
    • gary1
      I'm with you, I was looking at adding a couple of grab rails to it when it's completed. A good point on the steering wheel I never thought about that, I will wait till I have the console mounted in the boat with the wheel in as well to figure out the most comfortable spot for them.
      thank's Gary
    • ratrace2
      did ya get that PM I sent you with the link. . .?
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    Nov 16, 2008
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