blared: Assault-1

blared, May 31, 2007
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      Fly robin fly....up up to the sky...!!
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      It kind of looks like your design Otto.
      The annexes are to high...but my ASD will in the next years be copied's good!

      Read my remarks on your Buzzi pic...this is a copy 100%.
      He tested one of my ASD boat in France...
      But to be copied from a real genius like Buzzi is for me an honor!!!!!
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      What kind of difference does the ASD make? Is it better in turns or in high seas or both?

      The longitudinal center of buoyancy is closed to the longitudinal center of gravity well aft, allowing the boat to run parallel to water at high speed. The propulsion system works at optimum efficiency and in favorable conditions.

      The heeling angle of the boat is not in excess of 5, thus allowing very secure and stable maneuvering. The two lateral annexes with their optimal shape, reduce drastically the heeling angle at fast turning.

      The fore part of the boat is relatively thin with a high-placed chine. In this way the boat has an optimal response in rough sea contitions.

      High stability in all sailing conditions due to the two annexes that give exclusive values of GM.

      The ASD hull is very receptive to an overload in payload with no substantial decrease in performance due to the high value of waterline surface.

      The annexes are touching the chine in the after part giving additional lift and pushing the boat to run parallel to water surface, so doing the propellers are working in homogeneous fluid with higher efficiency......

      and so on.....
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