aquaflyte new patrol/dive/leisure cabin rib
bill ferguson

bill ferguson: aquaflyte new patrol/dive/leisure cabin rib

new 9m cabin rib designed for various uses, can you used as a dive support boat, patroll use for police forces . or general leisure use

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bill ferguson, Mar 17, 2009
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      Very nice! Do you have specs?
    • daiquiri
      Very nice design for leisure use, but I think you will need to make some modifications for diving or for governamental use.
      The lateral access to the bow area from the cockpit looks too narow. Governamental vessels need to operate in rough seas if necessary, so a too narow passage can be dangerous in those conditions. This observation can be applied to leisure use too.
      A small cabin might be useful for diving-support vessels, but in this case the cabin appears to be too big for that use. Open space is more valuable here, for quick deployment of air tanks and jackets, and in order to allow divers to comfortably put on their diving gear.
      One think that is pretty much required for leisure vessels, at least here in Med, is a suntanning area, usually placed at the bow. You can say that we are pussies down here, but that's how we like to spend our summers. Think of it. ;)
    • daiquiri
      Ah, I forgot... Governamental vessels need to be low-cost. So, I suggest you to replace curved windshields with straight ones. Same thing for those curved stainless steel tubes for bimini.
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    bill ferguson
    Mar 17, 2009
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