antoni fokker's yacht

yipster: antoni fokker's yacht

same dutch guy who designed the red baron and more build this alu yacht early last century, anyone knows her name or has more info?

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yipster, Jun 4, 2005
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      Sean Herron
      Where did you get this photo Yipster...


      Original illustration art and photograph of the Q.E.D., a sleek speed yacht designed in the Art Deco style by Anthony Fokker (1890-1939), famous Dutch designer and manufacturer of early airplanes. Q.E.D. stands for "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" (Latin for "which has been demonstrated"). Fokker built the yacht for himself, its test run in 1938 was considered newsworthy enough to be featured in Life magazine (August 22, 1938).

      Looks very Raymond Loewy 'esk...


    • yipster
      thanks Sean, could find next to nothing about her, it burned out i recall. Raymond Loewy fan also eh?
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      Hi Yip,

      From Yachts in a Hurry by Philip Moore.

      "Q.E.D. was one of the most spectacular yachts that Consolidated ever produced-a streamlined 112-foot blue torpedo designed by William Atkin for the aircraft genius Anthony Fokker. Atkin and Fokker collaborated on the construction scheme of African mahogany for the hull and lightweight aircraft plywood for interior structures, along with such innovations as a large mushroom anchor that was housed in the middle of the bottom. Q.E.D. was up-to-the-minute in specifications and style, and with twin Wright Typhoon engines of 600 HP apiece, plus a smaller Packard cruising engine, she was fast. But Fokker's Q.E.D. had a short career. In October of 1939 she burned and sank in the Hudson River with the loss of one of her crew."

      Who would of guessed Atkin?

    • CaptScot
      February 1968 Motor Boating Magazine has a brief story about this yacht.

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