84 aluminum houseboat rebuild



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Rory Gibbs, Sep 8, 2021
    • Rory Gibbs
      Not sure if you can see the pics but need some advice about weight distribution. Always leaned a bit to the side the fridge stove outboard water tank lol everything is on one side for weight. Had tanks uo front under the benches inside and always had a gas smell. So relocated fuel to upper deck under helm and of course it made the lean way worse and actually scare of caoaizimf right over. So I know put the fuel below water line and on each side but there is no where. So even if I move the outboard and add weight to the other side im still too heavy and thats bad right..... So if there is someone here in boat design who knows im thinking 9f adding pontoons along each bottom side water line to give it some real stability please advise thx.
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