Al Marakeb Esteemed 30' Boat "ORCA"
Serj.Y. Nuroglu

Serj.Y. Nuroglu: Al Marakeb Esteemed 30' Boat "ORCA"

Orca is much more than just a cab craft; it's a way of life. Being Orca means standing out from the crowd and leading the way. You are a winner who takes shoulders and is always ahead of others. Your passengers like going to extremes and never accept second best. All these can be found in Orca. On the water and on shore. It's a long to describe Orca even its 33' LOA. You can see extravagant teak wood touch-up but it has been made by Glass Fibre. You can see the people leisuring, in time it serves to cab the passengers. It's ain't italian, made in the Emirates by italian hands. Speedy craft. Standard: 200H/P Yamaha Inboard. Enjoyable with GPS, stereo, Compass, radars

Serj.Y. Nuroglu, Jan 14, 2009