After two weeks. Now in water.

nukisen: After two weeks. Now in water.

As you can see!! This doesnt look like any other I have ever seen. 11:th sept I put her into the sea. As calculated she is a little bit unstable, but working. The recistancse looks fine. In the aft I am planing to put two more saildiscs. Yesterday I tried to sail with her, but the wind was about 1 meter per sek. Anyway she was a bit handlable. with two discs more she will become better. Also I am wondering if I should place a list just above waterline to make her more stable. The next step to test is, put a 12v cooling fan engine. make a pipe in the aft and put an axis through. "woila" and I will have a small motorsailer.

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nukisen, Sep 12, 2009
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      Hang in there buddy, we're coming for ya...........Cv-38, stand by, put swimmer in the water.......Roger.......Swimmer out..................
    • nukisen
      Hahaha! thanks a lot Ratrace!
      How can it be when a beginer gets a rudder in his hand? :)

      I did got the rudder from my dad when his sailboat was crusched by a snowmachine. My mind was taken a non ordinary direction. Most people I think would say, oh hm what a nice rudder. And then maybe put it in the garage. My thought was, oh my god what a nice rudder I really have to use this for anything.

      So I took my computer went out on the internet and began to read about hydrodynamics. Found free ship , and started to draw what I thought could be a boat. After a while I figured out that it would be to difficult to build that one.
      After that I focused on an easy built boat, with only three lines to handle. And it became this one. I calculated the recistance and it did look quite good. but what about the stability? So I did calculate and tried the form in crosscurve. Hmm I can try and if it will not work I will figure out a solution.

      And here it is after two weeks with raw wood material 100 by 75 bars of wood.

      I have spent about 35 dollars in this projekt. And actually this little boat works. And I will also even make it better.

      "Hang in there buddy, we're coming for ya...........Cv-38, stand by, put swimmer in the water.......Roger.......Swimmer out.................."

      Hehe I dont want to go out on seven seas with this one.
      But I will have a lot of fun with this one, and try solutions that many people will laugh about. But the solutions will work.

      Have nice day everybody.
    • nukisen
      I did this just as a prototype to check if it was possible to sail with this sollution. And yes it works, but still ordinary sails work better regarding handling. The only really good thing I noticed was that the sails was very easy to handle when out offshore.

      Some day maybe we see your built boat in here Doc!
    • nukisen
      This is just a prototype design, not a casket.
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