A local fish tug breaking the ice

Jeff: A local fish tug breaking the ice

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Jeff, Apr 18, 2003
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    • duluthboats
      Arent these boats a thing of beauty? :D LOL!! All function and just enough maintenance to keep them going. Only a handful of them still working on the Superior. I dont recognize the light house; it must be MI, not WI.
    • Jeff
      I'm not sure when the boat came from Wisconsin, but it's been here in Michigan for some years now (I don't think the paint was new when it arrived :D)

      It was a neat experience the other day. I've watched the fish boats break the ice before from the beach, but this time I was standing on a wooden dock and the ice had retreated just enough that as the fish bot thrust its bow up onto the plate of ice time after time, a few seconds later I could hear the bubbling and see the swash of water hit the shore behind me, coming from under the ice and emerging where it had melted away. Ducks were walking on the ice, and it was an interesting experience to feel in the dock and hear and see the motion in the water caused by the fish boat 1000 feet away. Seeing it ram and break the ice away hour after hour, it's amazing how much stress these gnarled fishboats can take and still perform for their users.

      Maybe the neatest part was when his kids came out on the dock and yelled to their dad 500 feet across the ice "come pick me up daddy"
    • Angélique
      - Re Duluthboats comment #1: ‘‘ . . . I dont recognize the light house; it must be MI, not WI. ’’

      She's leaving St. James Harbor near the northeasterner end of Beaver Island in Lake Michigan, the previous pictures 798 & 799 show the Beaver Island Harbor Light, aka St. James Harbor Light, aka Whiskey Point Light, she's heading southeastward in the pictures, maybe clearing the way for the Beaver Island - Charlevoix ferry, or maybe she's going fishing in the open water which I think can be seen beyond the ice field.
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