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  1. Doug Lord
    Just a perfect little liveaboard cruiser!
  2. SailDesign
  3. Doug Lord
    Took me a minute to get that picture! Must be a hell of a story there....
  4. Rurudyne
    They should have hung a temporary name on a banner on her transom: "Mother-in-Law" might do. ... at least give folks a laugh for having to be behind a wide load.
  5. robint7777
    Hey Tom, I was thinking about a kitchen rudder to eliminate the reversing box. What has your experience been with such Any recommendations? The benefit would be a shorter installation. If I...
  6. Doug Lord
    Gorgeous! Thanks....
  7. Doug Lord
    Tremendous pictures-thanks!
  8. Doug Lord
    Very interesting-thanks!
  9. SailDesign
    @Dolfiman - Thanks!
  10. SailDesign
    @Dolfiman - Many thanks!

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