92' Express

Tad: 92' Express

I am in awe of some of the models people have posted. But I worry that some have lost the boat part, here's a big boat we are currently working on. Most of the modeling has been done by my son, Rukk.

Posted by: Tad - website: http://www.tadroberts.ca

Tad, Nov 18, 2003
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      Two things - the boat is ...well...SEXY!

      ...and can I borrow your son to teach me how to model boats!!
    • MarkC
      A bit of Van Damn's forward/bow seat, a bit of E. McInness' Torpedo boat rear/stern enertainment area cover, a 1940s Mathews shaped side window, a bit of lobster boat, a bit of Dim's shape with a low cabin house, a nice mast and dingy. I like it - I will take one please.

      Perhaps someone should start a new thread - Option 4 - a stylish express cruiser.
    • Willallison
      ...not sure that Tad would would be too impressed at the suggestion that this is little more than a comglomerate of others ideas.... especially as I suspect that it will be built before long.....make sure you post pics of that Tad!
    • MarkC
      No Willallison, that is purely your interpretation. I like the boat and those elements are all good boat parts, brought together in a coherent whole/well balanced.
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      Nice! Wow im a die-hard sailboat racer and i would love to own one of those (that says a lot)
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      only yesterday i was studying Dim's drawings and noted the high cruising speed of this design again. now i see this one, 92 ft thats about 30 meter of nice boat, sharp displacement and fast as well i gues, i love those boats. iff it was my boat i would chance a few things and Tad's a great designer

      http://www.pt-boat.com/originalhull/pt593.html for some torpedo boat re-drawings. think i like the broader bow there (not the guns!).
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