80m Megayacht

archnav: 80m Megayacht

This 80m Megayacht was designed by www.archnav.de

Posted by: archnav - website: http://www.archnav.de

archnav, Aug 5, 2003
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      A stunning rendering to say the least! A beautiful design and a wonderful model.
    • yipster
      asume the oil sheik is shopping with the heli or its parked below deck, these mega yachts actually do exist!
      i'll rate it a 9+ couse i'll prefer a little itty biddy tiny weeny smaller ;)
      well done!
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      bischen abgekupfert,von der
      made by Blohm&Voss AG. Archtkt.Sir Francis UK
    • archnav.de
      You are complete wrong !!!!

      Blohm+Voss Eco 73m 39kn

      The Eco is running 39kn !!! ( complete other hull form and design)

      This yacht runs about 18kn and a helicopter could be stored under deck in the forecastle. There is absolute nothing similar with ECO

      Look at

      Fine that you think, that we are able to design a ship in the same quality like Francis.
    • archnav.de


      you can download a small 3D-movie. 3MB (be patienced)
    • jrunarko
      bischen abgekupfert,von der
      made by Blohm&Voss AG. Archtkt.Sir Francis UK

      Hulls actually does not differ a lot from the other. Sure, a container hull differs from a fast yacht hull. No ship is the same....The styling of the superstructure might be similar..
    • archnav.de
      There is a big difference between a displacement and a surface effective hull. Our 85m yacht is a pure displacement hull with a large CB. It will run between 16 up to 18kns. To go faster is not worthwhile. In case of displacement hulls the useful speed is corresponding to the length of the ship. Very large containerships can go easily 25kns with very little power per displacement ton.

      The Eco is in its high speed range a surface effective ship, otherwise the 39kn would not be possible.
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      nice, i like the clean lines!!
    • i-chengchen
      Ya, there isn't any displacement running at eco 39kt, unless it's science fiction.

      Even a Swath running only at 30-kt...!!!

      (a 73m semidisplacement running at 39kt, needs 2 x LM 1600!!)
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      Don't ask me why but you your yacht is.......magnificent!!!!
    • archnav.de
      Dear i-chengchen
      Some more information about ECO built at Blohm+Voss in 1991, from the Blohm+Voss website:
      "An economic cruising speed is ensured by the two diesel engines, while a maximum speed of more than 37 knots can be reached with the gas turbine. Such an extreme speed is only possible when consequently following light-weight construction. High-strength, 4 mm thick steel was used for the hull, whereas the superstructure was made of GRP."
      I don't remenber where I picked up the max. 39kn.
      The gas turbine with the water jet is a LM 1600

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