Tanton: 610

When the opportunity came to recreate the 1945 "510" by C. Raymond Hunt, of which only one was built, I did not hesitate. The first one did not survive - the barn in New Zealand where it was being built burnt to the ground along with everything inside it. Another part of the opportunity is that a Commodore of a yacht club in upper New York state is considering giving this fast and smart boat another try. Originally intended to appeal to the man who wants to mix racing with week-end cruising, this boat will have the performance of an Eight-metre International Rule boat, while accommodating a party or four. Compared to the "510", I have given the bow and stern the vertical treatment of Hunt's "110" design. Pre-laid cored fibreglass panels are to be preferred to the original plywood in this case. The sail plan has been modified to include more sail area - 610 sq.ft - and thus the name change.

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Tanton, Jun 14, 2004