40 feet sail boat

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40 feet sail boat

mainsailman, May 11, 2010
    • u4ea32
      I know its all about style, and the current style is for hideously unbalanced hull forms with twin rudders to make up for the atrocious handling.

      Nut you've gone with a much more reasonably balanced hull form, so the need for the complexity, weight, expense, and drag of two rudders is already eliminated. So why still have two rudders? Biplanes went out a long, long time ago.

      Otherwise, I really like it, including your obvious design and rendering talent, as well as the many details related to sailing and living under sail.

      Minor suggestions: ensure the dodger is designed in. The cabin top winches are too far outboard to enable grinding with the dodger up (a common error).

      Mainsheet on a stiff 40 footer needs a dedicated winch. I suggest taking a look at the cockpit configuration of the Hinckley DS 42 as an example of putting winches where they can be reached, with good grinding angles (stand over the winch). Stoppers should enable a pair of winches to do everything most of the time, or 4 winches to do everything all the time.
    • mainsailman
      Thank you for your comment.

      I'm fully agree with you. It's only preliminary design and I'm going to change some stuff later

      Alex Volokhov, A Passionate Amateur
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