16'9" x 6'11" x 9" draft- Final Version

lewisboats: 16'9" x 6'11" x 9" draft- Final Version

I am collecting supplies to build this now. I have the stove about 90% done, garage is in the process of being cleaned out to make room, epoxy is en route as I type and $1700 worth of plywood on hand. Total of about 155 sq ft sail but reduce-able to less than 100. Weighted Centerboard (not exactly like shown but close). Going to add a shallow (3-4 inch) fixed keel to house the board so it will be shorter and wider. Water ballast alongside the keel under the floorboards. Total maximum displacement of around 1500 lbs but normal sailing displacement with 1 person of around 1100 lbs.

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lewisboats, Aug 20, 2013