11.5 m hull

sushkin: 11.5 m hull

Hull drawing, that is not approved by the SHIP REGISTR of Ukraine. Registr says that bulkhead (11st.+60) and bulkhead (11 st.+60) do not form watertight cell %-)

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sushkin, Apr 4, 2011
    • heuhen
      ah Skorgenes
    • Alik
      Ukrainian Register requires watertight bulkheads for engine room even on small boats.
      Did they also require to 'specify names of projections on lines plan'? They used to write stupid comments like that.

      I would use V-drive on this boat; this will give more service space for engine and better shaft angle.
    • Alik
      We used to make separate drawing of WT BHDS, mark them in red color.
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    • Alik
      They are dumb idiots. They require approved stability software (that does not exist on market) or stability calculations done BY HAND.

      I see there is steel sheeting in engine room, on FRP hull. Also their requirement?
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    • Alik
      Steel sheeting can't stop the fire on composite sandwich boat; one should use fireproof mat or combination of few layers of special foam with fireproof blankets. There is good paper on the issue written by DIAB. We just did the study for the FRP passenger cat (You know!) to get A60 class of structural fire protection in engine rooms.

      Besides ISO standards do not require this class of structural fire protection for pleasure boats; only fire extingushing system.

      And to conclude, world's experience of boatbulding is nothing compared to 'experience' of those 3 rural bureaucrats from Register :)
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    • an2reir
      In my opinion the drawing is great work. :)
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