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  • Advanced Racing Tactics by Stuart H. Walker  0
    "Stuart Walker takes a very technical and analyitcal look at the sport of yacht racing. Overall, he is very thorough and on target. There is much to be learned from the book, and it will make a person a better racer." (Added: 12-Aug-2000 Hits: 2743)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • American Sailing Ships : Their Plans and History  0
    American Sailing Ships : Their Plans and History
    Master seaman, shipbuilder and marine architect Charles G. Davis charts an anecdotal, highly personal course through our rich nautical history. American Sailing Ships evokes the feel of salt spray and rolling decks. 140 photographs, prints and plans provide a first-rate cross-section of sailing ships from the 18th - early 20th centuries. Discussion of ship size, design, proportion, rigging details and more including Block Islanders, Quoddy boats, Chebacco Boats, Pinkys, Fishing Schooners, Clippers, Packet Ships, Bugeyes Oyster Luggers, Frigates, and others. (Added: 8-May-2002 Hits: 4033)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks by Pat Vojtech  0
    Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks by Pat Vojtech
    The history of the skipjack in words and pictures from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the present and an uncertain future on the Bay. The author interviewed more than 30 captains, former captains, and relatives of those who worked the boats. Also contains vessel list and bibliography. (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 3182)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Coastal Maine : A Maritime History  10.00
    Fascinating and comprehensive chronicle of 400 years of maritime history along the Maine coast. Roger Duncan recounts rich maritime history, from the early seafarers' discovery of its valuable resources to Maine's role in the history of the US in peacetime and in war. He traces the demise of the coastal trade; the burgeoning popularity of pleasure boating after World War II; the hardships that beset the fishing and lumber industries; and the rise of tourism. This anecdotal panorama of people, land, boats, and water will absorb historians, nautical enthusiasts, and New Englanders alike. (Added: 8-May-2002 Hits: 2839)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Cruising Sailboat Kinetics  9.00
    Cruising Sailboat Kinetics
    The Art, Science & Magic of Cruising Boat Design by Danny Greene. Written for the everyday, non-professional sailor. the first half of the book is a primer, a beginner's guide to design terminology and concepts, laced with photos and clear and non-technical illustrations. The second half of the book is a heavily illustrated showcase of the best cruising sailboat designs, including a lengthy explanation of what makes each design special. (Added: 30-Sep-2001 Hits: 3443)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • High Performance Sailing  0
    Based on 25 years of research and Olympic coaching, High Performance Sailing reinvents the strategies of sailboat racing. It presents revolutionary explanations of wind prediction and boat design, a fundamental rethinking of how to sail a boat fast. Bethwaite's theories boosted the average speed of the highest-performance sailboats from two-thirds the windspeed to windspeed or faster. Bethwaite is Australia's most successful Olympic coach, and his family includes three Olympic sailing champions and three world champions. This book will have a revolutionary impact on racing sailboats and the way they are sailed. (Added: 19-Nov-2004 Hits: 2591)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Legendary Yachts  0
    Legendary Yachts
    A tribute to the great racing yachts of the past, their current renaissance, and today's new enthusiasm for the classic regatta. Every summer, as international classic yacht regattas pass through Monaco, Porto Cervo, Cannes, and other harbors, the public imagination is seized by the elegant wooden J-boats, majestic vessels of gleaming brass, honed teak decks, and brightly varnished hulls. Gilles Martin-Raget (Photographer), Francois Chevalier (Illustrator). (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 2906)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Sail Performance : Designs and Techniques to Maximize Sail Power  0
    Sail Performance : Designs and Techniques to Maximize Sail Power
    by Czeslaw A. Marchaj. New wisdom on wind-sail interaction, rig design, sail construction and trim, and the structure of wind. Richly illustrated, this definitive volume from a universally acknowledged authority is also more accessible than many other books, including Marchaj's own Aerodynamics of Sailing. (Added: 11-Nov-1999 Hits: 3171)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Sailing Yacht Design: Practice  0
    A series of chapters by different designers on their experiences of translating scientific principles into reality. Covers the practical design of hulls and appendages such as keels and sails. Describes the practical design of the structure of a high performance hull made from advanced composites. Looks at production techniques and boatyard facilities. Claughton (Editor), Wellicome, and Shenoi. (Added: 25-Jan-2001 Hits: 3097)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Sailing Yacht Design: Theory  0
    A guide to the fundamental principles governing how and why a sailing yacht behaves in the way it does. It also provides an understanding of the physics involved and the mathematical modelling of yachts. By Claughton (Editor), Wellicome, and Shenoi. (Added: 24-Jan-2001 Hits: 3249)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Schooners (Great Lakes Album Series)  0
    The "Great Lakes Album Series" is a tribute to the vessels that helped develop the Great Lakes basin into one of the world's major industrial heartlands. The illuminating text and fascinating historical photographs bring to life the memorable story of these hard-working lake vessels and their crews, by Robert Shipley and Fred Addis. (Added: 8-May-2002 Hits: 2428)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Sharpie Book by Reuel Parker  0
    Covers the history, design, building and sailing of the sharpie, a working sailboat from America's fishing industry past - a shallow draft boat which boasts speed, elegance, and simple construction all in one hull. More than a dozen designs from Bolger, Chapelle, Kunhardt, Munroe, and the author are included, ranging in size from 15' to 40'. (Added: 20-Jan-2000 Hits: 3187)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Shipyard in Maine : Percy & Small and the Great Schooners  0
    Shipyard in Maine : Percy & Small and the Great Schooners
    Percy & Small set unrivaled records for wooden shipbuilding and ship management, launching 22 giant five- and six-masted schooners along with 16 four-masters in 2 decades. Percy & Small also had an unusual knack for making money as owners of a large fleet of schooners. Stories of their ships are told in wonderful detail, from the wooing of shareholders and launching festivities (with one schooner stuck on the ways) to deeply laden coal schooners struggling to stay off the lee shore, daring captains navigating treacherous shoals, and the perils of collisions, dismastings, fires, & submarines. (Added: 8-May-2002 Hits: 2615)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • Tall Ships : The Fleet for the 21st Century  0
    This new and revised edition of Tall Ships includes photographs and descriptions of more than 175 vessels, including the major class "A" ships along with many class "B" and "C" vessels from around the world. Organized alphabetically for easy reference, Tall Ships offers a major photograph of each vessel, supplemented by many photographs of details ranging from figure heads and binnacles to flags and rigging. The text of Tall Ships describes each ship featured, its history and notable events under sail, along with its technical specifications. Thaddeus Koza, Thad Koza. (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 2761)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The American Sailboat by Greg O. Jones  9.67
    Around the turn of the 20th century the sailboat began to make the transition from work boat to pleasure boat. This chronology of American sailboats from 1900 to 1970 provides an in-depth look at the evolution of recreational vessels created by prominent boatbuilders. (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 2267)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Art and Science of Sails  0
    A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep, and Use by Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt. "A guide for both cruisers and racers. Whidden (North Sails) looks at the latest materials and rigging methods, gives a new explanation of sailboat aerodynamics, describes different cloths and designs, and the construction and trim of sails." -Book News, Inc. April 1, 1991 (Added: 20-Mar-2001 Hits: 2557)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Book of Wooden Boats  0
    A magnificent collection of beautiful vessels by the photographer of the highly successful Calendar of Wooden Boats. For almost two decades Benjamin Mendlowitz has traveled the globe to photograph wooden boats. His talent, born from passion for the subject, is unsurpassed. In his calendars and previous books he has already given us a record that ranks with the Rosenfelds and Beken of Cowes as the premier nautical photographic sources. By Benjamin Mendlowitz and Maynard Bray. (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 2294)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Book of Wooden Boats, Volume II  0
    Here Mendlowitz collaborates again with noted marine historian Maynard Bray to present 90 of the world's most interesting and photogenic boats, from simple prams and work boats to glorious classic sailing and power yachts. 200 color photographs. (Added: 17-Dec-2001 Hits: 2166)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Complete Rigger's Apprentice  0
    The Complete Rigger's Apprentice
    Tools and Techniques for Modern and Traditional Rigging by Brion Toss, Des Pawson, Larry Pardey. The definitive reference on the art and science of rigging, this massive work combines and updates Toss' renowned Rigger's Apprentice and Rigger's Locker. Lavishly illustrated with drawings and numerous graphs, tables, and other illustrations on all aspects of rigging. (Added: 30-Sep-2001 Hits: 2283)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Handbook Of Sailing  0
    Newly updated and now in paperback, this backlist classic contains 2,000 diagrams and photos enabling you to visualize every sailing procedure and maneuver; reflects the latest word on procedures, techniques, and equipment. 48 pages of full-color photos. (Added: 23-Mar-2005 Hits: 2081)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Schooner: Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present  0
    The Schooner: Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present
    From its emergence in Holland in the early 17th century to its present renaissance as a luxury charter vessel, the schooner embodies the romance of the sea. Though schooners in Britain, America, and Canada were primarily cargo carriers, they were also used as Grand Banks fishing schooners, pilot boats, Baltimore clippers, colonial schooners, and yachts. This comprehensive history describes in detail the development of the beautiful rig and all if its variations. Heavily illustrated with plans, paintings, and photographs. David R. MacGregor. (Added: 8-May-2002 Hits: 2631)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book
  • The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat  0
    John Vigor's unique questionnaire is the only one tailor-made to answer the question "Is my boat seaworthy?" The book shows step-by-step what structural changes they will need to make in their particular sailboat, like beefin up the hull, cockpit drains, stronger portlights, and rig and sail plan changes. (Added: 22-Jan-2000 Hits: 2274)  My Links | #ad Buy this Book

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