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  • Martin-Yachten  9.75
    The finest sailing and motor yachts built from mahogany and teak. A detailed photographic narrative from conception to testing to final construction of beautifully designed and finely crafted German yachts. No English translation, but the work is very well presented and truly speaks for itself. (Added: 29-Nov-2001 Hits: 11859)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Martin-Yachten
  • Moody Yachts  9.33
    British builder of top-quality custom yachts and sailing cruisers. Ease of handling is a Moody hallmark. "These yachts can spin on a sixpence, should you need to." (Added: 18-Nov-1999 Hits: 6326)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Moody Yachts
  • Nautik  10.00
    German builder of a three man keelboat, the Streamline, using high tech construction, with strict matchrace class regulations. (Added: 26-Sep-2001 Hits: 3963)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Nautik
  • New England Boatworks  0
    Custom yachts from America's Cup racers to offshore cruisers using advanced construction technology. Whether of composite, aluminum, GRP, or wood construction, NEB yachts are light, fast, and strong, with fine craftsmanship that makes them a lasting investment. (Added: 13-Jan-2005 Hits: 3096)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit New England Boatworks
  • Archive: Outbound 44  9.00
    The Outbound 44 was developed for sailors who are accustomed to the performance of their coastal and PHRF style boats but are now looking for a serious offshore passagemaker. (Added: 26-Jun-2001 Hits: 4516)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Archive
  • Pacific Seacraft  9.40
    Well over 2,000 Pacific Seacraft yachts, from the mighty Flicka to the stunning Pacific Seacraft 44 have been sailed with confidence and comfort to the far corners of the world. (Added: 26-Jan-2000 Hits: 6285)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Pacific Seacraft
  • Rave  0
    A fast 16' hydrofoil daysailer by Windrider. Designed by Dr. Sam Bradfield. (Added: 30-Oct-1999 Hits: 3545)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Rave
  • Rhodes 22  8.83
    The amenities of a big boat in a small boat that is easy to rig, easy to trail, easy to sail, comfortable, and attractive. (Added: 1-May-2001 Hits: 6092)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Rhodes 22

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