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  • Aerodyne Yachts  6.67
    Performance Cruiser for unlimited offshore use. A modern Rodger Martin design with light/strong epoxy construction. Fast, comfortable and very easy to sail shorthanded.   (Added: 28-Jan-2002 Hits: 24966)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Aerodyne Yachts
  • Autoship  10.00
    Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) provides leading-edge CAD/CAM software for vessel design and construction, on-board strength and stability monitoring and customized load and stowage planning. ASCs On-board and Load Planning software, Autoload is used at all stages of vessel operations. The program reads data from tank, draft, wind and SCR sensors as well as user-input, and then reports on the condition of the vessel. Autoload is often used in conjunction with ASC-developed load planning modules specific to a vessel type, eg. supply, jack-up, bulk, ro-ro, rig, etc. Ashore, the load planning modules are interfaced with the in-house booking systems and are used to create load plans which are then transmitted back to the vessel thus allowing more optimal loading in shorter time.   (Added: 24-Sep-1999 Hits: 99923)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Autoship
  • MultiSurf by Aerohydro  6.68
    Relational 3D design software. "Complete Marine Design -- hull, deck appendages, structure, interiors, super structures, initial stability, hydrostatics, weights studies, and more" Full and LT 10-surface versions.   (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 45624)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit MultiSurf by Aerohydro
  • ProSurf by New Wave Systems  5.81
    The Nautilus System is an integrated set of computer programs for defining, fairing, analyzing, and constructing any type of boat or ship. Whether you are a first time backyard boatbuilder or a professional naval architect or shipbuilder, we have a program for you. ProSurf, ProBasic and ProChine.   (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 23163)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit ProSurf by New Wave Systems
  • AeroMarine Resesarch  7.20
    The TBDP(c)/VBDP(c) provides a fast, detailed method for the tunnel hull and vee hull powerboat designer or builder to generate a total performance and design analysis. Software makes it easy to predict the effect of any individual or group of design change(s) on the ultimate performance of the hull. The software is a proven, engineering design/analysis program that presents predictive performance results in easy-to-read, comparative-style and graphic format. Includes porpoise analysis and dynamic stability analysis, acceleration and elapsed time predictions.   (Added: 17-Mar-2010 Hits: 27394)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit AeroMarine Resesarch
  • Prolines by Vacanti Yacht Design  6.25
    Prolines 2019 is a significant upgrade to the venerable Prolines 7. New high resolution graphics to 4K, 3D rendering and 3D printing capabilities. Hull design and analysis capability in a single package including stability analysis, wave and friction drag evaluation and CAD file export. Designed to work with Windows 10. New companion products Wings 2019, B-Plates 2019 and ABS Construct 2019.   (Added: 27-Sep-1999 Hits: 32743)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Prolines by Vacanti Yacht Design
  • BaseLine Technology  5.50
    Rhinoceros Plug-ins. RhinoStatics offers calculations from within your Rhinoceros model. RhinoStab offers stability calculations from within your Rhinoceros model. RhinOffsets creates a table of offsets from your Rhinoceros model. RhinoLR enables Linear Regression Analysis of an unlimited number of points in Rhinoceros. And GHSView provides interactive viewing of GHS files and conversion to DXF format.   (Added: 31-Dec-2001 Hits: 27566)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit BaseLine Technology
  • ShipShape  5.33
    A program for creating, fairing, and interpolating a set of ship’s lines. It has been configured to interface with the existing Wolfson Unit Hydrostatics and Stability suite of programs.   (Added: 31-Dec-2001 Hits: 29352)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit ShipShape
  • Delftship  8.50
    DELFTship is a complete design package for application in the marine industry. It is characterised by its ability to create any kind of hullform, high flexibility, low learning curve and visual approach. It can be used for almost any kind of floating object. DELFTship uses subdivision surfaces to model the hull rather than NURB surfaces. Most hull modeling packages use these parametric spline surfaces which can be very tricky to use. Subdivision surfaces offer many advantages: 1.) No need for a rectangular control grid divided into rows and columns. 2.)More freedom in modeling knuckle lines. 3.)Surfaces can contain holes. 4.)Even the most complex shapes can be created with just one surface. 5.)The possibility to insert just one single control point.   (Added: 20-Mar-2007 Hits: 25207)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Delftship
  • Alsberg Classic Runabouts  7.50
    Designed after one of the worlds rarest boats... the 1939-Century Thunderbolt, this all modern, fiberglass 16' Classic Runabout is an absolute showstopper! This modestly priced, special Limited Edition boat is designed by famed naval architect Harry Schoell and utilizes a patented "Delta Conic Hull" with a modern wetted surface.   (Added: 26-Nov-2001 Hits: 20873)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Alsberg Classic Runabouts
  • Archive: Hullform  5.10
    Hullform is the name given to a family of hull design programs. They have been continuously developed since the 1980s, running initially on a large mainframe computer (remember those?), then on IBM-compatible PCs running MS-DOS (remember those?). It now runs under Windows (including Windows 7) and "x86"-based Linux systems. The source files, Makefile and LCC-win32 project file are now available for download. These files are provided without warranty of any kind, and no support is offered.   (Added: 4-Jan-2004 Hits: 75068)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Archive
  • Archive: Bearboat  6.38
    Robert Livingston's Free kayak design software is suitable for designing strip built small craft hulls. Easy to use, prints out bulkhead patterns. Connects to free kayak performance prediction software.   (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 37076)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Archive
  • FREE!ship  9.05
    FREE!ship is a surface-modeler for designing ships.FREE!ship uses subdivisiong surfaces rather then NURBS to create any type of hullshape. Further more, FREE!ship is open-source and totally free.   (Added: 5-Jun-2005 Hits: 117401)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit FREE!ship
  • BoatExpress  5.40
    Boat Design Software for Amateur Boat Builder or Professional. Site offer the free download of BoatExpress v 1.0. and the user guide.BoatExpress is a Windows mouse driven CAD that support the full process of boat design from hull definition to VPP. Design follow the steps as defined in classical boat design. For the Naval architecture student or the amateur boat designer/builder witout a budget. No commercial intent.   (Added: 8-Nov-2006 Hits: 50639)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit BoatExpress
  • Delftship Free  8.60
    DELFTship™free is a slightly simplified version of the professional hull modeling program but fully functional. Some of the more advanced features or file export formats have been excluded from the free version but otherwise both versions are completely the same. Files created by either version are also 100% exchangable without loss of information. The free edition is capable of displaying tanks created with the tank extension but the tanks can not be modified. DELFTship™ free is perfectly suited for students or home users who like to design and visualize ships in 3D or need to perform simple hydrostatic and resistance calculations.   (Added: 8-Apr-2008 Hits: 34830)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Delftship Free
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