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  • H.H.Payson  8.00
    The official site of HH Payson, author of the Instant Boats series on inexpensive easily constructed boats for oar power and sail (the famous Phil Bolger designs.) Plans, sails, books and modeling. (Added: 25-Sep-1999 Hits: 5150)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit H.H.Payson
  • Heyman Yacht Design  8.40
    Sail designer offering classic yachts with cutting-edge technology. Designer of the novel keel section used on the winning IACC boats in 1992 America’s Cup and sailboats from 24 - 44 feet including the Fantasi 44 and Constance 24. (Added: 29-Jun-2001 Hits: 6327)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Heyman Yacht Design
  • Archive: High Modulus  0
    Composite structural and production design services including CAD construction drawings, FEA analysis, materials testing, rig design and Scantling Authority submissions. (Added: 6-Oct-2001 Hits: 4005)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Archive
  • Archive: Holohan Marine Group  0
    Marine services & boat design company located in Florida. We strive to provide exceptional yacht and boat design and we pursue this goal with a real passion. When it comes to refining a vessel we are with you from the concept to launch day. Boats that completely fulfill their working requirements while being stylish, practical, and above all great performers in real life conditions are what we do best. Let us create your perfect craft for you. (Added: 19-Dec-2008 Hits: 2393)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Archive
  • Hunt Design  10.00
    C. Raymond Hunt Associates remains one of the most widely recognized and respected names in naval architecture, in particular for designs utilizing the high-deadrise hullform known as the Hunt deep-V. This hullform, innovated by our founder, Ray Hunt, is the most widely used and ocean-proven solution afloat for performance, seakindliness and comfort.As the firm which originated the deep-V, we have more years of experience in the refinement of this hullform to suit applications as diverse as outboard-powered fishing boats, high-speed cruisers and motoryachts, police, patrol and pilotboats, military as well as commercial vessels. (Added: 13-Sep-2011 Hits: 2482)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Hunt Design
  • Hydra Yacht Design  8.40
    Group of qualified yacht designers & naval architects with many years of experience working in the industry. With experience in both sailing and motor yachts, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to clients and builders. Every Hydra Yacht Design project is undertaken in a meticulous professional fashion, with a high emphasis on client satisfaction. (Added: 23-Sep-2007 Hits: 2985)  My Links | Rate | Cached | Visit Hydra Yacht Design

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