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Old 01-21-2007, 02:54 AM
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wood tehnology engineer
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Veneer - core foam - veneer hull

I'm doing for my diploma a wooden sail boat. Plans anyway.
After reeding Gerr's book several times, an idea crroses my mind.
I wonnderd if a Veneer - core foam - veneer hull is posible.

Sailboat should be 37 feet long in a monohull / Lindsay Lord's ultralight way off construction metod.

In have in mind 6 to 10 mm of veneer on inside, 28 mm of PU foam (300 -400 kg/m3) for core and 6 to 10 mm of veneer for outer layer. Under WL could be a thick layer of fiberglass and above WL veneer should be visible, and on all others visible surfeses.

I'll like to know if this is posible and how can I calculate strainth.

Any help is more then welcome
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Old 01-21-2007, 11:39 AM
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Eric Sponberg Eric Sponberg is offline
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The most notable recent example of a wood-foam core-wood hull construction is Bruce Schwab's open 60 Ocean Planet, built by Steve Radner at Schooner Creek Boatworks in Portland, Oregon.

Steve did a lot of study and testing with the Gougeon Brothers in Michigan to determine the right size of laminate for that boat.

Also, you can buy ready-made panels of plywood glued to polyurethane core (made in Europe, and which is much weaker than PVC or SAN cores) from any number of timber sources. Two that I am familiar with are Boulter Plywood and Maine Coast lumber.

I would suggest you contact Schooner Creek Boatworks for an update on their research with this style of construction. Also contact the Gougeon Brothers.

Been done, and it works.

Eric W. Sponberg
Naval Architect, retired
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