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Old 11-18-2015, 07:19 AM
gavinpct gavinpct is offline
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Location: Dubai
Tax free jobs in Dubai for Boat Builders

Tax free salaries, year round sunshine and the chance to work in one of the leading global boat builders - what more could you ask for?


Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) founded its experience in composite yacht construction in Germany during the late eighties and early nineties with the construction of specialised components like carbon fibre/titanium rudders, keels, spreaders and steering systems for world renowned organisations like Whitbread, Volvo. Americas Cup and Maxi Yachts.

Capitalising on their expertise in composite boat building from high-tech racing yachts like Mumm 30, Farr 40 and Farr 52, PCT have also built custom designed super-maxis and cruise racers like the Mills Design 46ft yacht and the Farr 520.

Today PCT is an internationally renowned boatbuilding company based in Dubai, ideally positioned to serve its global customer base. Our boats have been tried and tested in some of the harshest environments and amongst the toughest racing fleets in the world, finishing in top positions in Championships.

We are now focusing on its own custom, high-performance Premier yachts. PCT will launch a range of quality builds that are simultaneously built for speed, style and comfort. The flagship model of this range, the Premier 45, was launched at the end of 2012 and nominated for the European Yacht of the Year in its debut year, followed by our very first performance powerboat, the Premier 38, launched at the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) in 2014.

If you have experience in the any of the following areas and would like to be part of the PCT then get in touch.

Manufacture of foils for high performance racing and cruising yachts
Production of lightweight composite interiors for large sailing yachts
Installation and commissioning of systems on board large sailing yachts
Build of custom composite sailing yachts and general production boat building

If you're ready to explore a job in Dubai please apply and one of our Recruitment Team will be in touch. If you're not but want to have an information discussion about what relocation to the Middle East might mean then please feel free to email us!
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Old 11-19-2015, 04:29 AM
susho susho is offline
Composite builder
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Location: the Netherlands
What is the timeframe the reqruitment team will be in touch?
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Old 12-14-2015, 11:15 PM
gavinpct gavinpct is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Rep: 10 Posts: 2
Location: Dubai
Sorry - I have been out of the country on a recruitment trip.

Did you apply already?
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Old 12-15-2015, 11:24 AM
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Do you need people who make general arrangement for yachts?
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Old 12-18-2015, 09:38 AM
susho susho is offline
Composite builder
Join Date: Dec 2006
Rep: 78 Posts: 91
Location: the Netherlands
I did, a while ago. But I'm back working on a G4 again, so not available anymore.
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