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Old 01-12-2013, 04:36 PM
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Viking lifeboat repair/concersion

Hi Folks, would just like to show you a photo of my old lifeboat and hopefully get a bit of info from the experienced members here. my lifeboat was built in 1951 by Viking marine in Twickenham No 5142 it 5 meters long.

it was on the Tasman bay dredger, when that was sold the lifeboat and its twin were sold to a local nudist camp for swings (must be some good stories there!) they eventually gave them to the local scouts to sell as a fundraiser and that's how i ended up with it.

i made a little bracket on the rudder for an outboard (no motor just came with dipping lugger sail) and used it to bring home fire wood from a local island.

its now time to give the old girl a birthday as many of the rivets have popped their heads, i would also like to make a small cabin and possibly an internal well for the outboard but the hull repairs are the priority

the question i would like to ask is what grade of aluminum rivets should i use and is there any type of sealant i should put on the rivet before peening?
the hull plates are in good condition and she has never leaked but the rivets are in a shocking(and now un seaworthy condition)

thanks in advance for any advice, tim
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Old 01-21-2013, 10:30 PM
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First choice, 3/16 dia. monel (blind)(closed end) pop rivet. Second choice in 5000 series (5052) aluminium, Third choice 316 stainless. Twirl the head in 3M 5200 or a similar product. I used an air driven rivet gun --available made in asia for about $100. - If required I can can post a photo of the Rivet and the gun. --- Geo.
P.S. this is what I did with my 9M open aluminium life boat. I have since sold her. I used 300 of the 3/16 monel blind pop rivets in the keel shell flange to hull joint alone.

A yacht is not defined by the vessel but by the care and love of her owner
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Old 02-28-2017, 01:16 PM
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ally lifeboat

Hi, Just picked up on this story and wondered how it is coming along. I would like to get one of these. Is yours for sale??
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Old 02-28-2017, 02:20 PM
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Rep: 1146 Posts: 1,861
Location: Newfoundland & Nova Scotia
Richard go to "boat building" on this forum scroll to "Nancy G" lifeboat/surfboat to motorsailer conversion (might be a couple of pages back,) read thru the build and e mail me thru the "private message" section on this forum. If you have problems , repost on this thread and i will guide you thru the process. ---Tnx. Geo.
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