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Old 02-13-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tad View Post
While there is no current market for existing boats or typical production boats which are identical to designs (fat and high) offered for the past 30 years.......There is a tiny market for new thinking, Greenline low-price light-displacement hulls, powercats, and I think Dashew is on hulls 6-7 of his 62' series. I've been talking with a builder in Dalian China who would like to build aluminum PL's to a budget.......another possibility but still requiring effort to develop a community of possible owner's......
We know a shipyard in Haļ Phong who built alloy boats since 1997 from the small 9 m with 150 hp cummins (50 similar model) to the 34 m coast guard with twin big MTU .
I living near this shipyard during 3 year and we visit this yards few time since we left Vietnam . They do a good job, at reasonable price .
I got a quotation 15 months ago for a 20,80 m hard chine hull heavily built around 12 t off alloy .
You could contact me if you want more details
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