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Old 08-21-2007, 04:28 PM
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IMP structural integrity of larger models


New to the post here and I exhausted myself looking at the big IMP thread. Great info, but for smaller boats. I'm impressed by all the hard work going on by members out there.

I'm looking at a 1992 31' IMP Eleganza. I have a marina telling me to avoid it because IMP used particle board in their structure and they're more susceptible to rot than other boats like Formula. I have a friend with a 1993 version of this boat and I've searched online a bunch for other owner's opinions of this boat, and they all like theirs. Seems like the only bashers are non-owners.

So, can anyone on this site shed some light on this subject? Especially those of you that may have worked at IMP in the past. Feel free to email me.

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