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Old 01-07-2017, 09:33 AM
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Adjusting time on a replacement tachometer/hour meter

I'm replacing a defective Faria Tachometer/Hour Meter in my lower helm. The wiring for this instrument is simple. + (batt), ground and a signal wire from the ignition system. I run an older boat and still use a simple points and condenser ignition. It works fine.

The hour meter portion of the tach requires a signal from the ignition system in order to record hours. In other words simply turning the key "on" won't record any time on the meter. The engine actually has to be running and the tachometer reading engine RPM.

I'd like to match up the new replacement tach with the one on the upper helm. So, I'll need to add some hours.

I believe a signal generator will allow me to do this on the workbench. For a couple of bucks I ordered a simple unit from Amazon. The unit has no instructions and while I've become a pretty good boat builder, I'm by no means an electronics technician.

Here is a link to the signal generator.

I see from reviews that someone used this item as I want to and for a couple of dollars it's worth a try.

My question is how do I configure the signal generator? I don't have an oscilloscope. There are 4 sets of jumpers that I can use. I don't know which pins I should jump.

Can anyone shed a little light on this for me. I just don't want to damage my tach by doing something I shouldn't.


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