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Old 04-17-2017, 12:52 PM
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Molds, guns, material, pieces, parts & more

For sale, Packaged deal.
Sold as a complete package, will not break up, price is firm !!

1. Magnum 3500 gelcoat gun, boom & cart. Lots of spare parts, all paperwork and extra guns.

1. Magnum external mix chopper gun, cart & boom. Lots of spare parts & all paperwork. This gun has only had 1 drum of resin sprayed through it since new before storage.

6. 16' canoe molds, 3 styles, inner liner molds, seat molds, seat mold braces, end plug molds and a couple new plugs.

1. Brand new, not pulled, still on plug, 10' Dingy mold. Seat molds.

1. 11' sailing dingy mold plug.

8. Rolls of fiberglass material, most unused still wrapped from delivery truck.

3. Electronic box molds, some finished boxes, parts to finish more.

1. 14' fiberglass rowboat, braced inside for building new mold.

1. All information pertaining to the spec's of boats.

3. Different size new small center consoles. Mics windshield, grab rails.

1. Swim platform step mold.

And any other boat building stuff I run across I'll throw in. Located in S.E Alabama, near Troy AL. Fifty miles south of Montgomery, 40 miles north of Dothan AL. NOTE : PRICE IS FIRM ! WILL NOT SEPARATE ITEMS ! WILL NOT DELIVER PACKAGE ! $ 4950.00 Brian, email :
Phone 334-672-2570
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