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Old 06-10-2008, 08:39 PM
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From a V-? engine to a 4 cyl.... building the front engine pad

I have another thread dealing with the stringers and transome on my Cris Craft, but, now comes engine mounting questions....

The Cris Craft had a V-6 in her and had mounts on pedistals to the left and right, like a car enigine, nothing in the middle like a 4 banger. I want to go 4 banger now, so, I need to build a pad for the front engine mount. The engine I want to use, and you will all think I am now twice crazy, is the merc 3.7L stright 4. I guess, obviously, I need to make a structure that runs from port to starbord stringers. Do I embed this directly onto the hull with epoxy and glass? Do I only glass over top and let the cushyness of the wood rest on the bottom of the hull?
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