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Old 08-29-2016, 08:00 AM
Sailandfish Sailandfish is offline
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Hello there, yes another Westlawn tread.

I am hoping to get some response from current Westlawn students, faculty, and recent alum or persons who do hire Westlawn grads, or would strongly consider hiring Westlawn grads in the US. If you are none of the above then this tread isn't for you.

I was enrolled in Westlawn in 2008, but stopped due to other life stuff. I am considering re-enrolling, but I am very concerned that Westlawn is dying/ lost relevancy, and completing it would not provide me with any real professional tangible benefit.

- Is the Westlawn job board active?
- Do you know of any US based employers actively recruiting for Westlawn grads?
- Did you get a job as a result of completing Westlawn studies?
- Do you know someone who is not active on this forum, but whom has experience with the above questions/ concerns, and can you put me in touch with them, or drop a name via private message?

If you prefer not respond via the forum, perhaps an email would work: sailandfish at

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