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Old 02-13-2017, 04:47 AM
thenavalarch thenavalarch is offline
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Simplified Fatigue Analysis with 2 Segment S-N Curves (ABS) - (


thenavalarch launches a new product: Spreadsheet app for Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Structures

This program can be used to assess the Fatigue Strength of an Offshore Structure based on ABS GUIDE FOR ” FATIGUE ASSESSMENT OF OFFSHORE STRUCTURE” with 2 -segment S-N Curve

The calculation is done based on the simplified approach that the linear cumulative damage (Palmgren-Miner) rule applies, and that fatigue strength is defined by the S-N curves.
The other underlying assumption is that based on the long-term distribution of stress range,
a closed form expression for fatigue damage can be derived.
User is required to provide some basic fatigue inputs, create load cases and provide inputs specific to load cases.
The application calculates the individual and cumulative fatigue damages and generates a detailed report too.
2. Commentary on the Guide for the Fatigue Assessment of Offshore Structures, July 2014
3. API RP 2A

Available only in SI Units.

Please visit Spreadsheet app for Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Structures for more information.

A youtube video can be found below:

Best regards
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